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3 Building blocks of Minimim Viable Product(MVP): BUILD, MEASURE ,LEARN

We Build Minimum Viable Products, Cost Effectivelly

A minimum viable product MVP) is a version of your product that is fastest to build; therefore, the most reasonable as far as cost is concerned.

An MVP allows you to test your idea without having to spend a fortune on engineering and development. It allows you to evaluate your product functionalities, obtain user feedback, and make improvements in your product without having a major capital investment.

3Genii is a consulting company specialized in developing MVPs. We understand the needs of small businesses to develop ideas quickly and inexpensively in order to get your idea on the market and have it tested before investing in a full application.

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Our Services

Use our platform Slicky

Did you know that you could build your own MVP without knowing anything about coding? This is what Slicky allows you to do. Slicky is a platform to design and import libraries and custom make your own MVP. Your application will be hosted on the Cloud, securely and always available. This is ideal for small startups that cannot afford a hosting platform and to manage their application.
This pricing tier is geared toward smaller solutions that do not require a large investment. This service and approach is perfect for Start Ups that want to build a MVP fast and economically !Perfect for investors presentations, or for review by your end-user.
This pricing tier allows the insertion of custom libraries for a small fee.

Semi Custom MVP

Ideal for products that require some complex logic. This pricing tier will allow you to receive custom libraries and themes to better brand your MVP.
This pricing tier still allows you to have your application hosted for free on the Cloud; however, you now have the option to download the source code and have it run in your environment.
The MVP still uses Slicky platform to generate your MVP; however, you will have access to custom libraries that only you can obtain and use.

Full Custom MVP

Fully customized MVPs are designed for enterprise-level products that cannot be built on the website builder. Because of product speed, efficiency and/or complex requirements, the full custom MVP is designed by our engineer to tailor exactly to your needs.
Products are developed as you see fit, using any libraries or platforms required by your needs. We develop the application using the Agile methodology and have two-week sprints, meaning that every two weeks, you will get a release on QA (Quality Assurance) or Production.
Custom MVP products hosting is usually charged separately, as the product is designed specifically for your needs, and may have various hosting/services requirement specific to your application.


$ 0 DOWN
$ 199 /MO
Build your own MVP with our library and website builder
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Unlimited Access to our library
  • 5 Themes to select from
  • Free Cloud Hosting
  • Email Support
  • Only $699 Per additional library
$ 4990 DOWN
$ 499 /MO
Semi custom MVP
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Unlimited Access to our library
  • 10 Themes to select from
  • Up to 5 custom libraries
  • Free Cloud Hosting
  • Docker Image included
  • 10 hours of Support included
  • Only $499 Per additional library
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Custom MVP
  • Custom Updates
  • Unlimited Access to our library
  • unlimited custom libraries
  • Custom Cloud Hosting
  • Docker Image included
  • 24/7 Support
  • Custom Domain Name & SSL

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